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The Creative Sourcing Myth

This article originally appeared on the SourceCon blog. Herein follows a tale of sourcing woe, like that of Juliet and her Romeo. Have you ever been in a meeting with a, fill in the blank, and at the end of the meeting the conclusion is,


How do you manage the expectations of a multigenerational workforce?

Whatever way you look at it, today’s workforce is multigenerational. The Boomers, Xers and Millennials all work together in a professional environment with very different life experiences, values and preferences. But are there really significant differences between the expectations, needs and wants of the different


The 8 Most Common Workforce Planning Pitfalls to Avoid

Getting Workforce Planning right requires a smart balance of technology tools, scenario planning, advanced analytics and strategic insight. First and foremost, for Workforce Planning to achieve its purpose, the CHRO/VP of HR either needs to have a seat at the strategy table or be kept

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Workforce Planning Data: What Do You Need?

When it comes to Workforce Planning Data, the key is to avoid getting overwhelmed, get what you can get, and use that as a launching point. At the beginning it’s unlikely you’ll have every last piece of data or analytics you need, but use what

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Workforce Planning Process: Types of Plans & Team Members Needed

When kicking off the workforce planning process, you’ll need to understand the typical types of workforce plans and also the team members needed for buy-in and successful outcomes. There are 2 types of Workforce Plans. 1. Strategic Workforce Plan: aligns to the 3-5 year business

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The Triggers & Benefits of a Workforce Plan

When is it time for a Workforce Plan, and what is the expected ROI? It’s important to understand that a proper Workforce Plan requires a smart balance of technology tools, scenario planning, advanced analytics and strategic insight. Most organizations are accustomed to recruiting on an

Candidate Sourcing like Sherlock Holmes

How do you find something that can’t be seen? It’s a classic question we face when candidate sourcing. As the great detective himself once said, “My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people don’t know.” Like Scotland Yard sending