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Recruitment Process Outsourcing in 95 Seconds

What is RPO? Sure everybody knows what “recruiting” is, and they know what “outsourcing” means, but do you really understand the full benefits of an RPO solution?

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RPO Best Practices for Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies need
smaller, better managed
and better quality workforces
to remain competitive

Growth in the pharmaceutical industry has slowed to a crawl in the face of patent expirations on blockbuster drugs. In the next five years, of the top 10 best-selling drugs in the world, 9 will go off patent, and of the top 20, 18 will lose patent protection. To compensate for these losses, big pharma companies are acquiring organisations with innovative drugs and pipelines or merging to reduce cost. They are faced with maximising access to doctors despite sales force cuts and the need to build stronger, personal rep-physician relationships that add value.

To remain competitive pharmaceutical companies need smaller, better managed and better quality work forces.

Attracting the right talent for clinicians & technicians who have clearly defined specialist skills, sales and specialist representatives who are committed to adding value, and managers and executives with commercial acumen and a vision to lead has never been more critical. Pharmaceutical companies must have a clearly defined recruitment strategy that is backed up and delivered through a proactive, tailored approach to attracting, sourcing and retaining talent. A well thought out strategy and a well defined approach is critical to staying ahead of the competition and winning in this challenging environment.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing at a local and global level has attracted significant interest in the pharmaceutical industry with many of the major players employing this recruitment model in key markets/regions around the world.

It is clear to see why, the RPO model offers;

  • Scalability and flexibility accommodating increasing and decreasing staff volumes as a result of mergers, acquisitions, growth and product launches
  • Pipelines of high performing and highly specialised talent from GP representatives to professional and scientific skill sets
  • Value for money compared to traditional sourcing models combining in-house and high agency use
  • Validation and consistent communication of EVP in a competitive candidate environment
  • A proactive approach to souring talent with a focus on attracting the best candidate in the market not the best “available” candidate
  • Robust, consistent selection methodologies for all roles essential in those front line sales roles where there is a need for different competencies and skill sets to be successful in today’s climate
  • Post placement retention support ensuring all new hires are supported in their first 12 months. This also provides an opportunity for new employees to provide first “impression” feedback on process, organisation and delivery of the EVP

Outsourcing recruitment overcomes the challenge of restrictions on head count for many of the big pharma companies. It too provides the organisation a measurable, flexible approach to ensuring they have the right talent for the right roles when they need them.

Pharmaceutical companies are renowned for their product innovations, but it will be those that ensure they invest in their recruitment strategy and adopt innovative forward thinking approaches to sourcing and retaining talent that will product the most significant impact on business results.

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Targeting Talent Using a Centralized Sourcing Center

Use a centralized sourcing strategy
to connect with more quality
candidates and to source top
talent for in an RPO provider

How often have you heard a recruitment consultant say they don’t have time to source passive candidates? It happens all the time. Recruitment consultants get pulled into a million directions and sourcing, particularly sourcing of passive candidates, inevitably takes a back seat.

Sourcing quality candidates takes a significant amount of time and energy. That’s where sourcing centers come into play. Sourcing centers provide a core infrastructure that can scale in accordance with your recruitment needs. They provide recruitment consultants with the ability to connect with more quality candidates in a timely manner by leveraging sourcing specialists to tackle the sourcing component of recruitment.

Fundamentally, sourcing specialists and recruitment consultants have different skillsets. To get the most out of a centralized sourcing model it is important to distinguish between sourcing specialists and recruitment consultants.

Sourcing specialists are great at finding, building, and cultivating candidate relationships. They build pools of talent and have a comprehensive understanding of internet sourcing tactics to be able to mine candidate lists from the internet and source talent from competing companies. They are experts at sourcing and spend 100% of their time focused on it. Because it is the only thing they do, they can spend the time necessary to bring more creativity and pro-activity to the task of sourcing top talent.

Recruitment consultants on the other hand are best at building relationships with hiring managers, understanding their business and knowing what type of candidates work effectively within the business unit and organizational culture. They focus on ensuring the end to end process is carried out in an efficient and effective manner and that the hiring manager is kept completely in the loop at all times.

Once you have distinguished between the two, rewards for effectively leveraging sourcing specialists in a centralized sourcing model can be significant.

Advantages of a centralized sourcing center model:

  1. Scalability 
    • Ability to move and deploy resources quickly against demand
  2. Advanced use of technology
    • Leverage technology to network with passive candidates and keep them engaged and abreast of opportunities and changes
    • Filter candidates based on key parameters and skillsets so able to leverage for future needs
  3. Increased Expertise
    • Know the newest sourcing tools and techniques – use them daily Leverage job boards, social networks/clubs, alumni associations, internet sourcing tools, direct sourcing, and other approaches daily
  4. Strategic advantage
    • Build strategic sourcing strategies that incorporates competitive intelligence
    • Reduce time to fill and costs associated with locating passive candidates
  5. Cross training
    • Sourcing specialists should have a specialized area of focus but also be cross trained to build expertise in an alternative area to assist during peak periods

Although there are a lot of advantages to a centralized sourcing center, there are several keys to success and these should be taken into account to ensure success.

Keys to success:

  1. Shared accountability and metrics
    • This will drive partnerships between the recruitment consultants and sourcing specialists
  2. Specialization
    • Sourcing specialists whose focus is too broad will be less successful in building robust candidate pipelines. If possible assign a small number of specific talent communities to each sourcing specialist so they can drill down to the level of expertise required to add value
  3. Location
    • Choose the location of the sourcing centre carefully. Factors such as supply and demand for qualified talent, workforce stability, cost of resources and facilities, reliability of technology and internet connectivity and other factors should all be assessed before making a decision.
  4. Integrated technology and system that allows for professional networking and communication
  5. Regular communication
    • Regular meetings with core team to stay abreast of changing priorities, updates within client company and industry
  6. Continuous improvement
    • Refine and review every year
    • Optimize what works

Sourcing centers can help increase your database of active and passive candidates. They can also increase the productivity of your client facing recruitment consultants and ensure they spend more time with the people that count the most – the Hiring Managers! While there are challenges in establishing a sourcing center, the rewards are well worth the effort.

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