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9 Warning Signs Your Company Is Unprepared For Large Project Growth

9 Warning Signs Your Company Is Unprepared For Large Project Growth

Your mid-market company is growing fast. HR has scrambled to put in the proper training and benefits programs. Now you’re expanding into a new market or launching that new product. You’ll need 50+ hires quickly. Is it realistic to assume your HR team can pivot into a lean-and-mean recruitment machine? Here are some hints that they may not be prepared:

(1) HR doesn’t have the bandwidth to set aside their current responsibilities and focus on recruitment

(2) Workforce and demand planning are not specific functions of the firm

(3) Your business line hiring managers have never been trained on proper interviewing skills

(4) No formal employer branding programs or employee value propositions are in place

(5) The attributes of your company’s top performers have never been documented

(6) You lack internal experience with advanced sourcing techniques and talent communities

(7) Other responsibilities preclude HR from keeping current on recruitment tools, trends and salary 
market rates

(8) No formal process exists for comparing competitive data such as salary, compensation and benefits

(9) You lack a defined recruiting process complete with prescribed actions, procedures and participants

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