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RPO Risks, Myths and Considerations

There can be many catalysts that lead a company to consider recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).  Be it rapid organic growth, an acquisition, geographic expansion or a corporate restructuring.  Whatever the circumstance that leads you to consider an RPO provider, identifying and assessing the risks of recruitment process outsourcing and debunking common RPO myths are important steps in determining a proper and workable solution.

Top 5 Risks of an RPO Solution

  1. Overestimating Costs Savings: RPO is not a low-cost solution. Identifying, vetting and hiring high performers should be the primary goal; any reduction in cost-per-hire can be seen as an additional benefit.
  2. The Risk of Cultural Fit: Without due diligence, you may find that you’re working with a company that doesn’t mirror your core values. Your RPO provider is a trusted partner that will improve your processes while complementing your corporate culture.
  3. Outsourcing Problems: Implementing an RPO solution should enhance your primary workforce strategy. If you are attempting to fix a defective recruitment process or trying to rebuild a hiring strategy that has been previously ill-defined, these issues must be addressed in advance with any potential provider. Outsourcing can't fix a problem that hasn't yet been identified.
  4. Time to Implement the Solution: RPO solutions can be a time intensive process. Time to completion can range between three months to nearly a year depending on the complexity. Having over-ambitious deadlines can thwart a smooth transition.  Cooperation and effective communication should be the focus for a timely solution.
  5. Expecting Too Much: While RPO vendors allow organizations to tap competencies otherwise unavailable and suggest innovative solutions to varying employment challenges, they can't meet every need of every business.

Understanding these risks will enable you to make an informed decision regarding which RPO provider to work with. Being aware of common recruitment myths will also help decide if recruitment process outsourcing is right for your company.

Four Recruitment Myths Busted

  • Myth 1 – RPO Can’t Help Fill Difficult Positions: RPO offers a valuable solution for hard-to-fill positions because providers use proven sourcing methods to attract a large pool of skilled and qualified candidates. They know how to use creative strategies to develop sourcing pipelines and build communities of people with that unique skill set.
  • Myth 2 – Hiring Volume Means Sacrificing Quality: The truth is RPO provides the best of both worlds: speed and quality. RPO offers a streamlined approach to sourcing and narrowing down candidates so that you receive a high-volume of qualified candidates in less time.
  • Myth 3 – The RPO Provider Must Handle Everything or Nothing: RPO is a scalable solution that can be ramped up or down depending on your needs. Furthermore, RPO doesn't have to handle everything in the recruitment process. RPO solutions vary greatly, from full-on recruitment outsourcing to just working on an as-needed basis.
  • Myth 4 – You Lose Control with RPO:  Companies may actually gain control when they adopt a recruitment outsourcing model. Most RPO firms provide their clients with valuable reporting throughout the process, so companies can gain an accurate idea of cost-per-hire and ROI. Choose a company that focuses on transparency and you'll be able to better understand each and every step in your recruitment process.


Partner with a company who has a deep understanding of the risks involved in recruitment process outsourcing. By addressing the risks ahead of time and debunking common misconceptions, meeting your expectations becomes a reality. Using a proven streamlined process, Hudson can help reduce your recruitment costs, decrease your time-to-fill, finding quality hires quickly and effectively while pairing candidates with your company culture. Contact us today for a free proposal and see if one of our RPO solutions is right for your company.


Getting Started with an RPO Solution

RPO can help you overcome
your current hiring obstacles

Are you considering looking into an RPO solution for your recruiting needs?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a form of business process outsourcing (BPO) in which companies enter into a contractual agreement with a third-party that manages a set of business functions. Recruitment process outsourcing centers on recruitment activities: sourcing, screening and managing candidates. Read on for advice on getting started with an RPO solution.

How do you know if outsourcing your recruitment is right for your company?

We suggest beginning by evaluating your current recruiting needs. What do you expect in the next six months or year? Evaluate your human resources department's capacity for current and future recruiting. Generally, you should consider opting for a recruitment outsourcing solution if you are experiencing one of the following problems:

  1. You're having issues with speed, cost or quality
  2. Your company doesn't have internal recruiting knowledge
  3. Your current process isn't working and you don't know how to fix it
  4. You anticipate business activity that will require a higher volume of recruitment, such as expansion into new markets or the launch of a new product

Opting for RPO can help you overcome your current hiring obstacles. However, you'll need to select a quality outsourcing provider to get the job done right.

How to choose the right consultancy to work with

After identifying your hiring needs, you’ll want to begin assessing RPO providers to work with. This process can be simplified down into three steps:

  1. Make a short list of possible consultancies, choosing firms with adequate experience in the types of industries for which you are recruiting. Look for consultancies that have achieved the ISO 900 certification to ensure top methodologies and sourcing practices.
  2. Meet with a consultant from each firm to get a feel for the individual or team who will be helping you achieve your business goals and objectives. During this process you’ll want to gauge how they interact with you and align with your company’s core values, goals and objectives. Since this person or team will be representing your company to potential employees, you must ensure they exemplify your company image.
  3. Choose the consultancy that best fits your company's goals, objectives and values. Sit down with that firm and clarify the terms of the service they will be providing with supporting KPIs, so you both know what to expect. Remember, you know your company inside and out, so share that information with your consultant so the process goes smoothly.

How can we help you?

Hudson RPO would like to hear about your recruitment needs on improving your current recruitment and hiring. Fill out this simple form and a Hudson RPO representative will respond with a plan to address your company’s needs.



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  • 经济因素 – 瞬息万变的市场力量迫使企业迅速做出回应。非固定招聘的灵活性使企业可根据需求及时调整人员规模。
  • 人口结构转变 – 越来越多的员工(尤其是青年人),并不计划长期供职于一家企业。他们更热衷于以合同工的身份受聘于不同的企业,发挥其才能和技能。
  • 科技 - 具备高端技术能力的员工更倾向于选择远离办公室的虚拟工作场所。
  • 全球化 – 国界不再是障碍。建立全球人才库极富战略意义且成本效益高。



的最新研究指出,相对于独立 MSP 和 RPO 策略,综合性人才招聘方案可以节省超出25%的成本。

  • 混合型RPO方案让企业能够对招聘需求有全面的了解,并提供更优的劳动力利用率,从而净节省10%至15%的成本。
  • 通过将非固定和固定招聘解决方案结合起来,改善需求管理,又能减少7%至11%的成本。
  • 由于将固定招聘和非固定招聘供应商合二为一,从而减少了服务费用,所以还能够额外降低3%至4%的预算。








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