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Recruiting Trends: 5 Critical Skills Required for Today's Recruiters

Gone is the Rolodex: today's
recruiting trends require tech-savvy
professionals with excellent screening
and networking skills.

Gone is the Rolodex, replaced with real-time data. Help-wanted ads have given way to web postings. Today's recruiters are in a rapidly changing industry serving a broad tapestry of corporations, regions and languages. Modern recruiting trends require a professional that is online, well-connected and active on LinkedIn. It's a fast-paced, challenging role that requires the following unique skills.

A Person of Influence

Most importantly, a recruiter must have the ability to influence people. When interacting with candidates, it's the ability to convey the full impact of a possible opportunity -- beyond simply a base salary and job title. The applicant should be made fully aware of the potential for career progression, the prospect for growth and a promising learning experience. More than discussing money and benefits, it requires selling the intangibles: growth potential, a company's culture, reputation and standing in a community.

And the influence continues when imparting a candidate's qualities to the hiring manager. As a recruiter seeks a proper fit for a position, seldom is a Superman or Wonder Woman readily available. But qualified candidates are. Finding a suitable candidate as close to a perfect fit as possible and presenting options to a hiring manager is a big part of the job. A recruiter is a liaison -- and a partner -- to both the hiring manager and the candidate.

An Effective Interviewer

One of the most prevalent recruiting trends is the need to complete a screening process effectively, but in a time-sensitive manner. Candidates are anxious for employment and could be fielding several offers while you are still interviewing other potential hires. By the time a search is authorized and implementation has begun, the clock has already started ticking. A recruiter must have keen and efficient interviewing skills with the ability to quickly find and assess candidates that are the right fit.

Social Skills

The modern recruiter is in a prominent position and active social environment, and must possess excellent networking abilities. Dealing with various settings and many people, they must stay in touch with multiple market segments, attend numerous events and keep contacts warm.

An Effective Communicator

Email has become a default mode of communication, but recruiters have to know the best communication tool to use with hiring managers and candidates for any given situation. Phone calls are sometimes best, while some situations require a face-to-face visit. Offering proactive feedback, information and updates to both sides of the hiring process is essential.

Ability to Impart Brand Awareness

A recruiter acts almost like a virtual employee for a hiring firm and should be able to generate brand awareness, selling the company, their culture, values and their products or services. Candidates will ask interesting and intelligent questions, and recruiters have to be prepared by knowing the business, not just the position. The company's numbers, clients, competitors, who in the industry is selling out or being acquired — it's all in play.

The recruiting trends are clear: today's professional is compelling, quick-on-their-feet, intuitive and intelligent.

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Knowing When the Time is Right to Hire an RPO Service

Knowing when it is time to engage
an RPO service may be the single
most effective way to gain a
competitive advantage.

You know when things are getting a bit out of hand. Time is short and deadlines are pressing. The staff is on edge and you've lost a bit of your usual confidence. Retaining the most effective employees is becoming a challenge, and recruiting has become more difficult than ever. It's a constant battle to find and land high-performance workers. Of course, you know about recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), but aren't sure if the time is right to hire an RPO service.

Signs It's Time

Whether it is an end-to-end solution you're seeking, or perhaps just a portion of the process that might be improved, knowing when it's time to outsource recruitment is the first step in solving the problem.

  • When seeking to reduce costs. Lowering time-to-fill and reducing cost per hire are savings that quickly improve a company's bottom line. But additional savings are possible through economies of scale and the elimination of steep contingency search fees. If a company has relied strictly on recruitment agencies in the past, cost savings could be as significant as 30 to 50 percent.
  • When you need to increase productivity. A McKinsey study reports that superior hires greatly increase productivity over average recruits. And the improvements are impressive: a 40 percent increase in productivity in operational roles, 49 percent in management and a staggering 67 percent in sales. Talent acquisition is too important to risk getting wrong.
  • When demand exceeds recruiting capacity. Responding to rapid changes in workforce demand can over-burden an HR department. An RPO service can step in to exploit deep talent pools that are rapidly available, or gear-up staffing and resources to respond to immediate needs.
  • To meet a specialized need. Perhaps your recruiting efforts have been just below the mark when it comes to specialized skill workers, such as in technology or sales. Or, in meeting diversity goals or hires for a specific global location. An RPO provider with deep resources can effectively augment your efforts.

Growing Demand and Deeper Challenges

As the global economy improves, the challenge to gain the most engaged workforce will be even greater. Competition for human capital will be stiffer.

A year-long study by McKinsey and Company concluded that the most important corporate resource over the next 20 years will be talent. Leveraging the competencies of an RPO service may be the single most effective way to gain a competitive advantage. Perhaps it's time.

Learn how Hudson can help you determine when the time is right for an RPO solution.  Contact us today.





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