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Case Study on Challenging Chinese Market

When the world’s largest management consulting firm wanted to seize business opportunities in Hong Kong and Mainland China, they selected Hudson RPO as their RPO Management Consultants. Hudson's expertise in RPO Management was the perfect fit to accelerate growth of their financial teams in those regions.

Client Challenge

Our client delivers a full range or audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory services to major multi-national companies. With Asian markets ripe for significant growth, they knew they needed to enter Hong Kong and Mainland China as quickly as possible.

However, the talent war among leading accounting firms in China was becoming more and more intense… and remains difficult to this day. The client was facing serious challenges in recruiting professionals across Audit, Tax, and Financial Advisory Services functions, at a variety of job levels (Consultants, Senior Consultants, Managers, Directors and Partners). They also needed the right market intelligence on which to base their talent acquisition strategy to gain competitive edge.

Furthermore, given the domestic talent shortage and increasing interest from overseas Chinese to move back to China, the client wanted to tap into this pool of skilled and globally sophisticated returnees.

Hudson RPO Solution

Hudson RPO was selected for its experienced team, ability to provide a total solution and track record in the global professional services arena. The client knew that when it comes to RPO Management, Hudson is a global leader.

We mobilized a virtual “offsite” team of fully dedicated consultants and researchers located in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia.

A customized sourcing approach was implemented including mapping and target search, referrals and networks, Hudson international database search, user groups, print advertisements, professional associations, business councils, alumni, and online job boards, among other things. Consultants also conducted in-depth analyses of the local talent markets to make sure that their localized search methods would yield the best results.

We engaged in regular market intelligence gathering to keep the client apprised of candidate movements and the latest market trends so the client could continuously fine tune their talent acquisition strategy. Lastly, we launched a comprehensive and informative reporting system to track weekly changes in candidate status.

Case Study Results

  • 30 critical positions were filled within timeline to meet the client’s business needs.
  • A key account management methodology ensured single interface with the client and greatly expedited the recruitment cycle.
  • The flexibility and scalability of the client’s own recruitment team was greatly enhanced with Hudson RPO’s support in both peak seasons and down times.
  • The client’s employment brand was maximized through various channels both within China and abroad.
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Project Summary

Fortune 500 Management Consulting Firm

Client HQ Location:

Project Location:
Hong Kong and China


  • Client needed to expand into Hong Kong and China as quickly as possible
  • Client faced a dearth of accounting and financial services talent in these competitive Asian markets
  • Client required extensive local market intelligence gathering to develop its talent acquisition strategy
  • Client also wished to tap into Chinese expatriate candidates returning from similar positions abroad

Recruitment Projects in China


  • 30 critical positions were filled immediately
  • Client experienced greater recruiting flexibility and scalability in both peak seasons and down times
  • Generated significant exposure for client’s employment brand both within China and abroad
  • Developed a customized sourcing approach for in-country and returnee Chinese talent
  • Engaged in regular market intelligence gathering for talent acquisition strategy
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