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Leverage Outsourced Recruitment Consultants in Singapore and Southeast Asia and Cut Your Recruiting Costs

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The Benefits of RPO in Southeast Asia

The concept of recruitment process outsourcing has risen in popularity globally. Firms in Singapore and throughout Southeast Asia are also beginning to embrace these benefits. In fact, according to Nelson Hall’s 2014 “Trending Recruitment Process Outsourcing” report, RPO continues to be the fastest growing HRO service, with its usage projected to double by 2017.

Singapore recruitment managers with high levels of hiring demand have come to realise that relying on multiple third-party recruiting agencies can make the hiring processes very ad-hoc and reactive with little visibility into costs. However, by outsourcing recruitment via an RPO solution, companies experience cost benefits, operational efficiencies and higher levels of quality hiring overall. Specific benefits include:

Cost Reduction – Decrease spend on agency reliance, job boards and underutilised technology. Lower your indirect costs on poor quality hires, lengthy vacancy periods and high turnover rates.

Scalability & Flexibility – Benefit from a core team of recruitment experts during business-as-usual hiring, but then have access to additional skilled consultants from RPO talent pools or shared services centres during peak hiring. 

Quality of Hire – With centres of expertise across technology, sourcing, recruitment process design, employment branding and reporting, RPOs are optimally positioned to attract, source and assess quality talent for every role. 

Reduction in Vacancy Time – The longer a vacancy remains open, the greater the impact on an organisation’s performance. Reducing time to fill is a key deliverable under an RPO model. 

Enhancement of the Employer Brand – The candidate experience is critical to driving the perception of an organisation as a workplace. Done well an RPO solution positions an organisation as a prospective talent magnet.

The Multi-Country Hiring Solution: Singapore Recruitment Hubs for Southeast Asian Recruiting

Another benefit of an RPO solution that is particularly useful for Southeast Asia is the ability to create recruitment hubs. Heads of Recruiting in Singapore who are responsible for hiring in other SE Asian countries (Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam) find it easier to leverage one provider out of a hub location rather than multiple, unrelated vendors across multiple countries. 

An RPO provider is well positioned to build a Southeast Asian recruitment hub to handle hiring in Singapore and other Southeast Asian markets. Rather than hiring multiple recruiters in different Southeast Asian countries to perform sourcing and interviewing on site, an RPO solution can build one recruitment hub in a larger corporate office location to serve the whole region. These hubs streamline costs, encourage best practice sharing and serve to build larger talent pipelines for ongoing hiring needs. 

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