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Recruiting Solutions in Australia

RPO Fills Permanent, Fixed-Term Contract and Temporary Rolls

Perpetual's Challenge

When implementing an RPO solution, Perpetual had very specific goals: To increase retention across all divisions, create better visibility on all recruitment costs, maintain better control over contractor FTE, and implement of a preferred supplier list with preferential rates to reduce co-supplier spend.

Hudson RPO Solution

In 2006, Perpetual People & Culture (PAC) chose Hudson RPO to implement a full RPO recruiting solution.

Initially Hudson RPO implemented a team of three to service both permanent and fixed term contract recruitment across all states and role types. Temporary recruitment was then outsourced to Hudson RPO and the temporary recruitment process was managed through the onsite team. In 2007 Hudson RPO grew to a team of seven recruitment specialists recruiting nationally based in the Sydney offices of Perpetual.

The onsite team cover both internal and external recruitment and use sourcing strategies such as database, internal referral program, Alumni, social networking, and co-suppliers. With this team, Perpetual has access to over 1.9 million Australian candidates from the Hudson RPO database.

Recruitment volumes almost doubled at the end of 2009; in 2010 the Recruitment Team grew again through the use of short- and long-term contractors. The focus is now on strategic resourcing initiatives through the use of social networking tools and systems.

In addition, the recruiting team leverages Hudson RPO’s assessment methodologies such as custom competency profiles, interview guides, and psychometrics to ensure all Perpetual candidates are high quality and fit with Perpetual’s culture.

Measurable Results

Over all candidate satisfaction of the recruitment process for 2008/2009 was at 95%, and for Hiring Managers this was at 98.5%.

Perpetual has recognised the onsite team as an integral part of their PAC group. During the past three years the team have consistently achieved and exceeded targets and SLA’s some of which are outlined below:

KEY METRICS 2005 2008 2009
Time to fill No Data 21 days 19 days
Number of hires p.a No Data 268 202
Time to shortlist No Data 16 days 8 days
% of direct hires No Data 70% 80%
Staff Turnover 25.3% 20.5% N/A
Candidate Pool N/A 9078 17,502
Cost - average cost per hire $13.4k $5.4k $5.4k
% Retention/Resignation 95% retention of new hires within 6 monthy guarantee period
Average number of permanent roles filled each year (over contract life) 287
Fill Rate 80% onsite vs. 20% co-supplier
Project Summary


Client HQ Location:

Project Location:


  • Desire to increase retention across all divisions
  • Need for better visibility on all recruitment costs
  • Goal to develop a preferred supplier list with preferential rates to reduce co-supplier spend

End-to-End RPO Solution
Contingent Workforce Solutions


  • 287 roles filled per year
  • Candidate pool of 17,502
  • 80% direct hires
  • Average time-to-fill is 19 days
  • 40% decrease in average cost per hire
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