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Workforce Planning: A Critical Differentiator for Businesses
Hudson’s Workforce Planning Guide provides practical advice on building a commercial case plus how and when to implement Workforce Planning.

White Paper

Talent Pooling: A faster, cheaper and smarter approach to recruitment
How to build a high-quality talent pool and activate a candidate relationship management program to line up candidates for when you need them.

White Paper

The right talent is critical for driving an organization through high-growth transformation, yet 77% of mid-market leaders rank the “ability to attract, train and retain talent” as a top challenge. Learn to address typical high-growth talent issues before they hinder growth.


Singapore recruitment managers with high levels of hiring demand have come to realise that relying on multiple third-party recruiting agencies can make the hiring processes very ad-hoc and reactive with little visibility into costs. Register for our 5-email series on the benefits of RPO with supporting case studies.


An in-depth look at the changing nature of workplaces and guidance on how individuals and organizations can address multigenerational challenges.


“How to Launch a Successful Employer Brand: Building on the Practices of Top Employer Brands,” analyzes practices that distinguish Top Employer Brands from Other Brands.

The Basics

How To Select the Right RPO Partner

A strong relationship with an RPO provider can save organisations considerable time and money – reducing time to hire by over 40% and reducing cost to hire by over 50%. Not all RPO providers offer the same expertise or service. If you’re considering an RPO solution, here are some questions to ask yourself or the provider, to determine the right partner to deliver on your business objectives.

The Basics

Four Steps for Designing an Attraction & Sourcing Strategy

When working with a client, it's important to develop a sourcing strategy for the recruitment process and for the benefit of the client. The following approach, broken into four parts, takes you through the process of understanding your ideal candidate, building a sourcing map, reviewing the employee value proposition (EVP) and, after the previous requirements are met, designing the recruitment strategy for the client.


Hiring for Success

The Hiring for Success report (co-published by Hudson RPO and the HRO Today Institute) defines quality in the workplace; the benefits of measuring quality of hire; the challenges of collecting data; and how to improve hiring processes. It also includes six strategies for improving quality of hire plus a case study demonstrating the ROI of committing to a quality of hire program.


Contingent Workforce Management

Need access to talent now, but unsure about the future? The use of contingent talent is on the rise as employers respond to the need to be agile to remain competitive in the global marketplace. Leveraging a the flexible benefits of a contingent workforce solution can enhance the performance of your overall workforce while reducing your company’s cost per hire and mitigating the risk of hiring full time.


Procurement Questions for RPO Evaluation

Outsourcing the recruitment function – a process core to identifying and securing your company’s single greatest asset, its people – is a major strategic consideration for any organization. We believe a number of critical questions – Hudson RPO’s “Great Eight” – need to be asked and properly addressed in the evaluation process, and that procurement management should use as a baseline in the decision process.


As social recruiting continues to mature and build employer branding opportunities for organisations, there are still many who struggle with the concept and opportunity to develop and share their company's stories and values. Whilst many still see online recruiting as difficult or time consuming, it is truly worth the effort. Social recruiting uses any form of online media to share, connect and engage with candidates to attract them to your employer brand, job or both.


Building Talent Communities: 5 Lessons from the Frontline

There is no denying it’s a hot topic in recruitment but few practitioners are taking talent communities from concept to reality at the current time.

As part of a service offering to our large energy client, Hudson RPO has been building a number of communities in niche industries where talent is scarce and the roles are critical to the company. Here are the top five lessons we’ve learned.

Game Plan

Recruitment Process in an Economic Recovery

Knowing when and how to most effectively ramp up your recruitment process amidst complex, ever-changing market dynamics is a challenge for every company as the economy begins to recover. This white paper discusses pros and cons of common recruitment models, real challenges and solutions: Example of a recruitment challenge early in the recovery and how one VP of Talent solved the problem, what to look for when assessing your recruitment needs and more.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing in 95 Seconds

What is RPO? Everybody knows what "recruiting" is, and they know what "outsourcing" means, but do you really understand the full benefits of an RPO solution? Explore if a recruitment outsourcing solution is right for you! View the video on YouTube.

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