Dynamic HR: event coverage from the inspirational innovation series

Our Dynamic HR event series is on a mission. We are dedicated to educating and inspiring HR leaders who want to take innovation to the next level.

The Dynamic HR series heads to Melbourne and Sydney later this month. We’re looking forward to meeting with talent professionals from across Australia and the wider APAC region at these events.

The first Dynamic HR event took place last month in Singapore. Participants explored ways to improve an organisation’s culture and capabilities. Attendees were particularly engaged on the topic of cost per hire, what this metric should include, and how cost per hire can be improved based on different talent solutions.

Talent expert Kimberley Hubble, CEO Asia Pacific, led the session. She was supported by Yulia Grishina, Director of Client Solutions in Asia, who organised the event.

In addition, we were delighted to collaborate with Mark Hawkins, partner at Orange Squid, to deliver innovative strategy tips.

Thank you to all of the Singapore-based HR leaders who attended. We enjoyed interacting with each of you!

Meanwhile, if you’d like to continue learning, Yulia recently wrote about choosing between RPO vs. a recruitment agency in Singapore. It’s worth a read by anyone who finds themselves at the helm of talent leadership in Singapore. Enjoy!

Dynamic HR Singapore

The subject of innovation headlined our Dynamic HR Singapore event. Yulia Grishina, Director of Client Solutions in Asia, helped lead the event, which featured innovation strategist Mark Hawkins and APAC leader Kimberley Hubble.


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