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Pharma Giant Leverages Hudson RPO’s North American Head Hunters for Roles in Mexico

Team Sources Specialist Corporate Recruiter to Implement Rigorous Recruitment Process

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The Mexican market poses challenges unique to the North American market. The market moves quickly, and requires fast action to hire the best available candidates – with head hunters in Mexico filling roles in days rather than weeks. One cannot assume that candidates speak English or even have connectivity to the Internet. Our pharmaceutical client needed to implement a consistent, objective and structured recruitment process to meet its pharmaceutical talent needs.


Previous pharmaceutical experience can be hard for head hunters to find in Mexico. From our Hudson RPO recruitment hub in Chicago, we sourced a new Talent Acquisition Manager with previous corporate recruiter experience in pharma to implement the new HR process for the field sales force. This new Talent Acquisition Manager joined the existing salespeople on their field rides to quickly understand the company’s culture to make better sourcing and hiring decisions.

Simultaneously, a persuasive internal communications campaign was launched to help introduce and support the new recruitment process to the team in Mexico. Benefits were communicated regularly, and the model was introduced on a strict schedule, with full transparency to the existing HR team.


As a result of implementing the new recruiting process and hiring the new Talent Acquisition Manager, several metrics improved for the company in the first year:

  • Filled 50 positions in eight months
  • Improved time to fill positions by 23 percent
  • Virtually eliminated 3rd party agency hires, saving more than $500K in the first year
  • Client discovered a wider range of candidates and qualified them with behavioral fit assessments
  • Satisfaction survey scores among Hiring Managers, HR Business Partners, successful candidates and unsuccessful candidates all trended up

New process outcomes for the client included the institution of interview panels, the creation and distribution of interview guides, and implementation of competency frames and assessments for management positions.

Learn how a Latin American recruitment hub leads to better quality hires, streamlines operations and cuts costs.

Project Summary

Latin American Division of Global Pharmaceutical Company

Client HQ Location:
Brussels, Belgium

Project Location:


The client’s Mexico division needed a more transparent and efficient recruitment function to continuously attract world class talent. Historically the company used external Mexican head hunters and HR partners, but instead needed to hire more candidates faster and more economically to achieve their talent goals.


  • Hudson RPO created an integrated delivery model and hired an onsite Talent Acquisition Manager to recruit all professional level hiring.
  • Hudson RPO provided the initial business consultation, discovery review, implementation planning, and business communication detailing the solution and its benefits.

The newly hired Talent Acquisition Manager achieved the following in the first year:

  • Filled 50 positions in eight months
  • Virtually eliminated 3rd party agency hires, which saved more than $500,000 for the Mexican subsidiary in the first year
  • Improved time to fill positions by 23%
  • Leveraged technology tools to uncover a wider range of candidates and qualify them for behavioral fit with the company
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