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Hudson RPO works with consumer service companies across media, entertainment, gaming, retail and consumer products.

Media, Gaming and Entertainment Industries

When it comes to the dynamic and ever-changing media, gaming and entertainment industries, few sectors have ever experienced such dramatic growth in the history of business. As more people worldwide use the internet and purchase hand-held devices, media and entertainment industries will need to evolve and grow quickly to keep up with consumer demand. Hudson RPO specializes in building high performance technology and sales teams for media, entertainment and gaming companies. Whether you are expanding into new markets or seeking to find innovative technologists to complement your R&D teams, Hudson RPO will partner with you to profile the ideal candidates and get to work hiring the right people quickly and efficiently.

Retail and Consumer Product Companies

In the retail and consumer product sector, your brand reputation is crucial – and this notion extends beyond your products to your employer brand reputation. Retailers and consumer service companies need to build both strong brands and competitive advantages in the marketplace. A solid recruitment outsourcing plan coupled with quality or hire measurements and employer brand building is a powerful way to develop a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Hudson RPO’s consumer recruitment consultants apply strategic thinking to temporary and permanent professional-level employment challenges to offer solutions that are never off the shelf. Our senior consultants understand the complexity of skills required for consumer service positions. Between our expert screening and competence assessment and access to an extensive database of national and international candidates, we are a one stop recruitment process outsourcing provider that can quickly respond with the most qualified talent for your consumer jobs around the world.

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Recruitment Outsourcing Project for Multi-Billion Dollar Gaming and Entertainment Company

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Hudson RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) manages the people, process and technology associated with recruitment on a full service (outsourced), hybrid (co-sourced) or project basis. A global force in talent acquisition solutions, Hudson RPO designs, implements and manages custom RPO programs for mid- to large-cap, multi-national companies.