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Award Winning Employee Retention Plan

Sensis is the wholly owned advertising and directories arm of Telestra, the Australian telecommunications and media giant. Sensis publishes Australia's White Pages and Yellow Pages telephone directories.

Sensis' Challenge

In 2001, as part of a company-wide initiative surrounding employee engagement, Sensis Human Resources adopted the ‘Service-Profit’ chain model that engaged employees to create superior business results.

At the time, Sensis had no clear recruitment or assessment strategy. Recruitment was decentralised and reactive with over 50 suppliers. Senis’ HR had no way of accurately measuring costs, time to fill and quality of hires. A key concern for Sensis was the staff turnover rate running at 45%.

Sensis chose Hudson RPO in 2002 to implement and operate an end-to-end onsite RPO solution across the Sales, Production and Customer Care business units.

Hudson Rpo Solution

Hudson RPO implemented a team of 16 recruitment specialists based at Sensis premises, living and breathing the Sensis culture. The team created an end-to-end solution for Sensis, underpinned by a customised technology solution for internal and external recruiting.

The team leverages the latest assessment and sourcing tools and innovations including referrals, social networks and direct attraction strategies to ensure Sensis is always well poised to attract its required talent.

The solution also includes assessment methodologies including competency profiles, interview guides and psychometrics that are tailored and applied consistently for each job family.

Award-Winning Results

Sensis has acknowledged that our onsite solution has made a fundamental difference to their business, demonstrated by our ability to exceed contractual KPIs and deliver superior business results. From 2002 to 2009, we achieved the following results:

  • Time to shortlist decreased from 40 days to 9.6 days
  • Time to fill decreased from 45 days to 16.2 days
  • Number of annual hires increased to 500 from 288
  • In 2009, Sensis realised 99% direct hires, saving on agency costs
  • Built Sensis’ candidate pool to 90,593 professionals
  • More than 30% savings on recruitment costs
  • Realised a 100% fill rate

Sensis were awarded the ‘Best Attraction and Retention Strategy’ award by HR Magazine in 2005. Sheryn Grant, Sensis’ National Recruitment Manager publicly acknowledged that Sensis won the award “in part, due to the partnership that Sensis and Hudson RPO have forged with the onsite recruitment model”.

The solution has continued to evolve and now includes hiring manager recruitment training, high performer focus groups, business unit-specific EVP projects, technology refinement, analytical reporting and the ongoing creation and management of targeted talent pools.

To this day, the Hudson RPO team recruits for Sensis nationally, operating out of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Project Summary


Client HQ Location:

Project Location:


  • 45% turnover rate
  • Client’s recruitment was decentralised and reactive with over 50 suppliers
  • HR could not accurately measure costs, time to fill and quality of hire

End-to-End RPO Solution


  • Time to shortlist decreased 24%
  • Time to fill decreased 36%
  • Nearly 50% increase in annual hires
  • 100% fill rate
  • 30% savings on recruitment costs
  • Candidate pool of 90,593 professionals
  • Sensis were awarded the ‘Best Attraction and Retention Strategy’ award by HR Magazine
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