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Contingent Workforce Solutions

Flexibility and Agility with a Temporary Workforce

Contingent Workforce Solutions by Hudson RPO
Streamline  sourcing, management
and on-boarding/off-boarding

Need access to talent now, but unsure about the future? The use of contingent talent is on the rise as employers respond to the need to be agile to remain competitive in the global marketplace. Leveraging a the flexible benefits of a contingent workforce solution can enhance the performance of your overall workforce while reducing your company’s cost per hire and mitigating the risk of hiring full time. A flexible contingent workforce solution also allows your firm to respond to fluctuations in the economy and changes in industry trends – now and in the future. However, ensuring the integrity and quality of the professionals hired is critical. In fact, managing temporary talent for optimum benefit can be complicated.

Let Hudson RPO streamline the sourcing, management and on-boarding/off-boarding of Temps, Contractors, Consultants and other project-based talent, saving you time and money, maximizing process efficiency and minimizing risks for your organization. We offer neutral vendor managed service programs where we select and manage your contingent labor providers to models where we also directly source contingent labor on your behalf.

Benefits of Contingent Workforce Solutions:

  • Respond quickly to change — Scale up or down as needed
  • Lowered cost & shared risk — Decreased benefit and retirement costs
  • Be more competitive — On-demand access to professionals and experts
  • Measurable results — SLA & KPI driven metrics & outcomes
  • System-wide savings — Economies of scale reduce cost
  • Centralization — Global account management & vendor management
  • Knowledge-Driven Expertise - Access highly skilled knowledge and expertise for specific knowledge-driven initiatives

Learn about the Blended RPO Solution

Is your firm running its permanent recruitment and temporary recruitment solutions separately? You could be missing out on opportunities for cost savings, greater accountability and best practice sharing of talent acquisition knowledge. A Blended RPO solution combines permanent and contingent workforce solutions into one for great cost and organizational efficiencies.


"We have been able to significantly reduce the cost of recruitment. We have reduced our spend on external recruiters by 80% and our overall spend by more than 30%."

Director of Talent Management
$34B Global Pharma Company

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Hudson RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) manages the people, process and technology associated with recruitment on a full service (outsourced), hybrid (co-sourced) or project basis. A global force in talent acquisition solutions, Hudson RPO designs, implements and manages custom RPO programs for mid- to large-cap, multi-national companies.