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Ongoing Engineering Recruitment Solution Implemented for 100 Hires Per Year

BASF Turns to Hudson RPO’s Engineering Recruiters to Build Robust Talent Pipeline


BASF set up its Engineering & Maintenance Asia Pacific Department in Shanghai, China, in early 2011 with plans to hire 100 engineers every year based on business growth.  BASF engaged Hudson RPO’s engineering recruitment services in May 2012 to address the following challenges:

  • BASF’s compensation and benefits had limited attraction to potential chemical engineering candidates in China;
  • 15+ third-party engineering recruitment agencies had been running the hiring efforts and were competing in the market for the same talent pool. As a consequence, candidates were being approached multiple times about the same BASF engineering jobs with differing messages from agency recruiters. This had negative impact on BASF’s employer brand in the Chinese market;
  • Operating in a limited talent arena, BASF had little visibility into the candidate marketplace for niche positions. BASF also lacked a clear framework for attracting and engaging talent in marketplace in general.  


  • Deployed a dedicated Hudson RPO engineer recruiter team consisting of onsite consultant and offsite sourcing experts to manage the entire recruitment and selection process; from sourcing to onboarding, including vendor management;
  • Reduced third party agency usage from 8 to 4 (as a start) based on agency performance. Allocated positions based on each agency’s strengths to avoid potential overlapping;
  • Launched a dedicated and focused mapping process of the talent market; collected market information to help BASF stakeholders better understand the China talent market as well as competitor movements to be more proactive in talent pipelining
  • Built an initial talent pool of more than 1,000 qualified candidates within 6 months.  The team continues to build and segment the candidate pipeline.
  • Extended talent pool reach into Southeast Asia through collaboration with Hudson team across different markets
  • Further promoted internal referral program


  • Since implementation in late May, 2012 and ramp up till March, 2013, Hudson RPO has filled 58 highly niched vacancies which include 27 placements in Q1, 2013.
  • Built a talent pool with over 1,400 screened candidates
  • Increased employee referrals as well as direct to market hires (total 81% combined)
  • Shared timely market intelligence to adjust sourcing direction based on industry movement
  • Promoted consistent BASF employer brand messaging to the talent market.
China Recruitment Project Summary


Client HQ Location:

Project Location:

Recruitment Process Outsourcing for Permanent Recruitment in China for BASF’s Asia Pacific Engineering & Maintenance Department


  • Dedicated engineering recruiters deployed to manage end-to-end recruitment process
  • Streamlined vendor management process
  • Fast build-up of an extensive talent pool for the niche sector
  • Timely market intelligence sharing – improving quality of hire
  • More consistent employer brand messaging to the talent market
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